Thermostat for nissan

Specifications and purchase price of Nissan thermostat produced in Pars Nikan company.

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What is a car thermostat? And what is the reason for buying a Nissan thermostat? Does the temperature displayed on the car console show a large number? Is the coolant temperature high? In the following, we will describe and review this part in the car. First, we will look at the location of this part and check the thermostat’s function and we will provide the signs of failure and its solution.

Where is the Nissan thermostat located?

You know that the thermostat is responsible for managing the appropriate temperature for the car’s cooling system. For this purpose, it is located in the coolant flow path between the engine and the radiator.

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How does the thermostat work?

A thermostat is a device that constantly controls the temperature of the engine coolant and adjusts the flow of coolant into the radiator.

Thermostats have different power and strength at different temperatures, which somehow depends on the temperature of the coolant. When the engine is cold, the thermostat remains closed and stops the flow of coolant into the engine, thereby helping the coolant to warm up quickly in the engine and keep the engine running at a proper temperature. .

Every car manufacturer considers a standard for the thermostat to increase the life of the engine and its parts. Since the water temperature is characteristic of this standard. You must refer to the car manual.

Pars Nikan company produces thermostats with the following specifications for Nissan cars with the standard manufacturer.

Nissan thermostat with a temperature of 76.5 degrees Celsius


When buying, pay attention to this temperature, which is engraved on the box and body of the thermostat.

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Symptoms of thermostat failure

Since the thermostat manages the proper temperature of the coolant in the car engine. Symptoms caused by water temperature, such as irregular changes in water temperature, rapid boiling of the car when you have just started the car. coolant leakage; An increase in fuel consumption is one of the most important symptoms of Nissan thermostat failure.

If a defective thermostat is used, the life of the engine will decrease due to the increase in the temperature of the coolant. So, as soon as you encounter these symptoms, it is better to go to a car repairer. so that, if necessary, the repair or replacement work can be done using the thermostat suitable for your car.

ملاحظات رانندگان و مصرف کنندگان

Dear driver and consumer

In the past, most drivers and repairmen believed that in the summer they should remove the thermostat from the coolant path so that it does not generate too much heat. If you think that the presence of the thermostat causes the engine to heat up, after making sure that the thermostat of the Nissan car is working correctly, you can turn the direction of the plastic pipe that enters the air filter to the opposite side of the engine. To reduce this heat.

It is better to control coolant leakage during periodic repairs.

Pay attention to the temperature of the coolant.

In case of leakage and high heat, repair the car at authorized repair shops or use the services of authorized car repairers.

Use original parts approved by car manufacturers.



If you encounter the points mentioned in the signs of thermostat failure, it is better to use authorized car dealers for repairs.

If you do not have access to these repair shops, do not worry. The thermostats produced by this company are available in packaging and the possibility of using its warranty and the possibility of checking the authenticity of the part, dear consumers.

Buying a Nissan Pars Nikan thermostat has a 24-month warranty. To use the warranty, read the booklet when purchasing.

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