Thermostat for pegeout 206 with pps cap

Specifications and purchase price of thermostat 206 with PPS cap produced in Pars Nikan company.
This thermostat is produced with sealing rubber and PPS cap according to Peugeot-Citroen standard.
Can be used for 206 and L90 cars.

Spring type: Steel
Capsule type: Copper
Body type: Steel
Cap type: (thermoplastic) PPS

Temperature: Select the appropriate temperature from the menu below.

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What points should we pay attention to when buying thermostat 206 type 5? What is the useful life of thermostat 206? What are the components of a thermostat? How does the thermostat work? What are the signs of failure? We will try to answer these questions. So that you can make the best choice when shopping.

Where is the thermostat 206?

In the car 206 type 5 and other types of this car, such as type 2 and the sedan type of this car, which is known as 206 SD, the thermostat is located inside the water housing and between the engine and the radiator so that the coolant can pass through it.

اطلاعات قطعه

Description of the piece

Thermostats have different power and strength at different temperatures, which somehow depends on the temperature of the coolant. When the engine is cold, the thermostat remains closed and stops the flow of coolant into the engine, thereby helping the coolant to warm up quickly in the engine and keep the engine running at a proper temperature. .

The thermostat in the 206 car has two parts. One part is the main core of the thermostat and the other part where the thermostat is placed is called the cover. Caps are made and supplied from different materials, but their function is the same.

The cap used in this type of thermostat is made of a material called polyphenylene sulfide, which is called PPS. The material used in this cap is an engineered plastic called thermoplastic. These types of materials are resistant to temperature and heat resistant up to 280 degrees Celsius and have dimensional stability and electrical failure.

It should be noted that 206 car thermostat caps are produced in three types of aluminum, PPS and PPA.

خرابی خودرو

Symptoms of failure

The signs of failure of thermostat 206 are:

Car welding

Intermittent change of coolant temperature

Coolant leakage

ملاحظات رانندگان و مصرف کنندگان

Dear driver and consumer

Pay attention to the signs of thermostat failure.

Check the cooling system during periodic car visits.

Use reputable repair centers or trusted repairmen.

Be aware of fluctuations in the degree of car coolant.

Take coolant leaks seriously.

Use original parts approved by car manufacturers.

In hot seasons, remove the thermostat, but it is better to use thermostats with a lower temperature.

When replacing the thermostat, it is better to use the 206 thermostat with a PPS cap due to strict sealing and coolant pressure. Although it is possible to prepare the thermostat itself alone, and this company offers this part in the form of parts and also in a complete form.



The thermostats produced by Pars Nikan company are produced according to the standard of Peugeot-Citroen company. And so it can be said that you can easily get the car fabric part.

The thermostats produced by this company are available in packaging and the possibility of using its warranty and the possibility of checking the authenticity of the part, dear consumers.

Buying thermostat 206 with PPS cover from Pars Nikan website or reputable stores has a 24-month warranty. To use the warranty, read the booklet when buying.

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