Thermostat for pegeout 206 with PPA cap

Specifications and purchase price of thermostat 206 with PPA cap produced in Pars Nikan company.
This thermostat is produced with rubber sealing and PPA cap according to Peugeot-Citroen standard.
Can be used for 206 and L90 cars.

Spring type: Steel
Capsule type: Copper
Body type: Steel
Cap type: PPA

Temperature: Select the appropriate temperature from the menu below.

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How do you buy thermostat 206? Does the repairman do it directly for you? If you prepare it yourself, what points do you pay attention to? Thermostat 206 must be replaced separately, or it is better to prepare and replace thermostat 206 with PPA cover together. In the following, we will tell you some tips about the thermostat and its cover, which will answer these questions.

Where is the location of thermostat 206 in the car?

Product engineering is one of the challenges of car manufacturers in the world. They are received from the opinions of users and repairmen. Manufacturers apply the product engineering process after their careful review.

In 206 and L90 cars, the thermostat is placed in the housing or water compartment. The thermostat, cap and water sensor are located in a compartment called the thermostat housing and in the coolant path between the engine and the radiator.

اطلاعات قطعه

How does the thermostat work?

The task of the thermostat in the car is to manage and control the temperature of the coolant. The thermostat is placed inside a piece called a cap. This cap is made of different materials. In this model, a polymer material called polyphthalamide PPA is used to cover the thermostat. Since the thermostat is exposed to heat. This material has the following properties.

High chemical resistance

High hardness and strength at high temperature

It has good dimensional stability so that this piece does not change shape and the sealing property of the piece is maintained for a long time.

When the temperature of the cooling liquid warms up enough and reaches the threshold of the number listed in the thermostat. The thermostat is opened and the cooling liquid goes to the radiator and by circulating in it the cooling liquid reaches normal temperature and enters the circulation in the car’s cooling system again.

خرابی خودرو

Symptoms of failure

Excessive heating of the cooling liquid and the lack of attention of consumers and other related factors, sometimes the sensor installed in the thermostat becomes defective. And the thermostat is not able to function at the temperature set for it. The high temperature of the coolant, overheating of the car engine, coolant leakage are important signs of thermostat failure, and you should purchase a 206 thermostat or replace it by an expert.

ملاحظات رانندگان و مصرف کنندگان

Dear driver and consumer

Failure of the thermostat and not paying attention to it will cause a lot of damage to engine parts and sometimes you will have to overhaul the engine.

It is better to check the mentioned signs during periodic car visits.

Use reputable repair centers or trusted repairmen.

Be aware of fluctuations in the degree of car coolant.

Take coolant leaks seriously.

Use original parts approved by car manufacturers.

Do not remove the thermostat in hot seasons. This method existed in the past, but now this method is obsolete.

When replacing the thermostat, it is better to use a 206 thermostat with a PPA cap due to strict sealing and coolant pressure. Although it is possible to prepare the thermostat itself alone, and this company offers this part in the form of parts and also in a complete form.



If you need to replace the thermostat, as mentioned, refer to the experts at your trusted car dealer or mechanic.
The thermostats produced by this company are the most reliable parts for you since they are produced according to the standard of the car manufacturer. In common terms, these parts are the same fabric parts that were used in your car at the factory. The thermostats produced by this company are available in packaging and the possibility of using its warranty and the possibility of checking the authenticity of the part, dear consumers.

Buying thermostat 206 with PPA cover from Pars Nikan website or reputable stores has a 24-month warranty. To use the warranty, read the booklet when buying.

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