Peugeot 206 thermostat, original French design

Specifications and purchase price of thermostat 206, the original design of France, produced in Pars Nikan company.
This thermostat is produced with sealing rubber and PPS cap according to Peugeot-Citroen standard.
Can be used for 206 cars.

Spring type: Steel
Capsule type: Copper
Body type: Steel
Cap type: PPS

Temperature: Select the appropriate temperature from the menu below.

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By purchasing the Peugeot 206 thermostat through the Pars Nikan website, you will get access to the Peugeot 206 thermostat part of the original design or fabric. But when is the best time to replace or buy a thermostat? What is its function? Where is it located in the car? What are its types and… there are questions that you can buy smartly by getting the answers.

Where is the thermostat 206 located?

In the 206 car, this part, along with its cover, which is made of PPS in this model, is located inside the housing and in the coolant circulation path between the engine and the radiator.

اطلاعات قطعه

Description of the piece

When the temperature of the coolant reaches the optimum level (in this car, three temperatures of 76, 83 and 89 are expected as standard.)

When the coolant reaches the optimum temperature, the liquid inside the thermostat cylinder expands and moves the rod connected to the valve and exits the chamber. This state is called valve opening.

Now that the valve is opened, the path of the cooling liquid from the engine to the radiator is opened, and after passing through this path, the liquid cools down and returns to the engine.

And if the coolant reaches below the optimal level, the sensitive liquid will contract and the valve will be closed, and the coolant will only circulate in the engine.

خرابی خودرو

Peugeot 206 thermostat failure symptoms

When the car thermostat does not open or close at the optimal level. The thermostat is out of order and cannot be repaired. In this case, the thermostat must be replaced with a new one.

The symptoms that are important and one of the most important symptoms of thermostat failure are:
– Overheating of the car
– Boiling the car at the initial time of starting the car

– High fluctuations in coolant temperature
– Coolant leakage

ملاحظات رانندگان و مصرف کنندگان

Dear driver and consumer

We mentioned a set of failure symptoms in the above section.
So it is better to pay special attention to them.

To replace the thermostat, go to a reputable repair center or use an experienced repairman.

Use original parts approved by car manufacturers.

When buying a Peugeot 206 thermostat, it is also possible to get a thermostat with a temperature of 76. For hot seasons, it is better to use thermostats with lower temperature. so that the engine heats up less.

When replacing the thermostat, it is better to use the 206 thermostat with a PPS cap due to strict sealing and coolant pressure. It is also possible to prepare the thermostat alone, and this company offers this part in the form of parts and also in complete form.

For more information about this company’s product, refer to the main page of the store.



If you need to replace the thermostat, it is better to use authorized car dealers for repairs. But don’t worry if you don’t have access to these repair shops. The thermostats produced by this company are available in packaging and the possibility of using its warranty and the possibility of checking the authenticity of the part, dear consumers.

Buying Pars Nikan Peugeot 206 thermostat has a 24-month warranty. To use the warranty, read the booklet when buying.

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