Thermostat cap EF7

Specifications and purchase price of EF7 thermostat cap produced in Pars Nikan company

Material: Aluminum
Impact resistant
Chemical resistant


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Thermostat cap EF7 is one of the products of Pars Nikan company. This product is one of the parts related to the thermostat. Before buying EF7 thermostat cap, we provide you with the following information so that you can get the right product for your car. Previously, in an article, we talked about the description of housing and thermostat work. If you need more information, you can read the article from this link.

Where is the EF7 thermostat cap located?

The thermostat is placed inside a cylindrical piece called the thermostat cover. Until the thermostat reaches its control degree, which opens or closes. Direct and control the flow of coolant.

It can be said that this cap is to complete the thermostat housing. and acts as an interface between the engine and the radiator.

اطلاعات قطعه

Description of the piece

EF7 thermostat cover piece is made of aluminum and produced by casting method. And then the positions that need to be machined are formed by chipping method.
This part consists of two parts, on one side, the thermostat is placed inside it, which is connected to the engine, and on the other side, there is an elbow-shaped tube that is connected to the coolant transfer hose.

One of the important parameters of the cover is the seating surface on the engine and the surface of the thermostat seating area and the position of the assembly holes relative to each other, also the lack of leakage from the cover is important.

خرابی خودرو

Symptoms of failure of EF7 thermostat cap

Deformation and breakage of the cap are important signs of its failure. But due to its placement in the thermostat section and inside the coolant transmission pipes, they cannot be seen, so when the signs of thermostat failure, such as: boiling of the car, the sound of water fuzzing, coolant leakage, etc., were observed. And it should be paid attention to when replacing the thermostat.

ملاحظات رانندگان و مصرف کنندگان

Dear driver and consumer

We know that the car cooling system is very important. And it is better to be very sensitive to its components. Temperature and coolant control and leak control Always include coolant in your control routine. So:

  • Control the thermostat, housing and connections.
  • When replacing the thermostat, make sure the thermostat cover is sealed and damaged.
  • Use expert people to repair the car.
  • Use original and factory products that are suitable for your car.


In the failure signs section, we have provided additional tips. If you see these signs, take your car to authorized repair shops or experienced repairmen so that your car can be checked by repair experts and the problem can be fixed. But don’t worry if you don’t have access to these repair shops. The thermostats produced by this company are available in packaging and the possibility of using its warranty and the possibility of controlling the authenticity of the parts available to you, dear consumers.

Buying Pars Nikan EF7 thermostat cover from the website or sales agents has a 24-month warranty. To use the warranty, read the booklet when purchasing

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